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francisco bay here in southeast san francisco. we partnered with the bay trail, the port of san francisco, literacy for environmental justice, and many other organizations and agencies to develop the heron's head park, to build the heron's head eco center, and now to plan and construct the bike path and this really grand entrance to heron's head. it's completed a really critical gap in the san francisco bay trail which is a regional trail that circles the entire san francisco bay. it's about 300 miles of it are done of a planned 500-mile loop. for this project really fits perfectly with our vision to improve access to the san francisco bay and to the california coast, to restore wetland throughout the state and complete the trail in the bay area and i want to thank a few individuals. lara thompson and maureen gaffny at the san francisco bay trail. [applause] and anne buell at the coastal conservancy and those that work with the port of san francisco. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. i mean as we have said there are a number of partners that were necessary to get together to make t
contaminated areas in southeast san francisco in support of the bluegreenway project for period of october 1st, 2012 through october 31, 2015. >> supervisor chu, supervisor avalos, mr. rodriguez, department of environment. we are here seeking your support of the resolution. it is a grant the department received from the epa to continue our brownfield project effort in the bay view and hunter's point community. this will allow us to go out and inventory brownfield sites, do site assessment, preliminary work and identify properties for potentially linking the blue greenway project to it. this is in partnership with port of san francisco, parks alliance in order to open up greater access to the southeastern waterfront . in addition this was announced with the epa as a companion effort. the epa awarded 400,000 in workforce training to hunter's park family and workforce for collaborating with hunter's point family so their folks have an opportunity to gain access and expertise as we do this project. we urge your support of the resolution, thank you. >> thank you very much. on this item, similarly t
they will be there for decades, as we kind of redo that plant in the southeast sector of san francisco. so this is really an opportunity that we looked at and we want to pursue. and with your approval, we would actually move forward on buying this property. >> and then -- i mean the southeast plant is across 3rd street, correct? >> right. >> so what is the plan tentatively in place right now for how thatlant will be reconstructed is it -- it's going to be in the same vicinity, right? >> right. the footprint of the plant is looking at reconstruction of the plant partially [stkph-euft/]ing footprint and potential potentially moving into some other properties that the city owns. the asphalt site and talking to public works about pushing our biosolids project against the berm of caltrain, along germ avenue. and so most of the work will be contained within the existing site with maybe some expanse moving across quince street at this point in time. >> thank you. colleagues any questions for the departments? we'll go on to the budget analyst, mr. rose. >> mr. rose, we're ready for your report. >> mr
in securing the southeast facility that now housesedth southeast campus of san francisco city college, your contributions and support of your church and your pastor along with numerous other significant contributions in the field of humanities and social sciences. on october 28th, the letters of humd, doctorate of humanities will be entitled on you. you will henceforth be known as espinola jackson humd. on behalf of dr. mcbride who gives congratulationses for this most deserved honor. >> congratulations. (applause) >> congratulations, doctor elect. and we look forward to your ministrations now from a higher level in the future. communications events calendar, [speaker not understood]. >> it's this, sir. >> i have one question. the letter summary includes a letter from the bay area water supply and conservation agency, and item e in communicationses was the regional water system report that was the subject of that letter. they made three specific requests of the commission and i was hoping that staff could give me an update as to what the disposition of those three requests was going to be.
at the southeast clinic and i want to thank you for all your great work in san francisco. not only are you involved with your regular clinical work at the center, you're also doing a lot of community work in san francisco. i think it's really about your vision for what mental health is really all about. it's not just an individual, but it's the context, it's the society, it's the community that we live in. i was looking at your resume today. i was impressed. we're just going back 25 years to your work in el salvador working with refugees and understanding what the connection is between people who are living here, who have immigrated here from central mark, to their experiences here and experiences there and how they affect -- what their emotions are like, what mental health is like and you address all of that in your work. i just want to say congratulations and thank you so much on behalf of the board of supervisors for your work in this city. i know you have many more years to give and you started very, very young in your life's work. so, i congratulate you and offer you our commendation for your
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moving across the iberian peninsula coming into southern san francisco and the alpine region with rain rather than snow and also some severe thunderstorms. we're really watching the rain coming into portugal. you can see another front moving in. we've seen some flooding across parts of portugal. we have video showing what happened when it was hit by heavy rain on nrz morning. firefighters had to pump water out from several affected houses and shops. it's been reported 12 people have been left homeless due to the damage. a railway line was closed and a main road also cut off. the road traffic has now returned to normal. more heavy rain over the next 24 hours which is not exactly good news. if we pull back, we'll see what's happening to the southeast. this is another system lingering over the black sea affecting the middle east and eastern turkey as well. could see flash flooding here with that short-time heavy rain. here are your temperatures across europe. even getting up to 20 degrees in athens. i'll leave you now with your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 69 (some duplicates have been removed)